The Founders

From a dream to a reality. The journey began in the year 1911, when 10 astute men from various backgrounds had a vision to improve the lives of black students on the campus of Indiana University. 

"Those ten men gave birth to a great concept, the idea that if we are going to be brothers, let us be brothers on the best terms that we know. If we are going to bind together, let it be around something that is strong enough to hold us; if we are going to sing, let us sing about something that will have a lasting refrain; if we drink a toast, let it be of something beyond the trivial and the vulgar. Let us exalt the theme of achievement."   

 Dr. Samuel D. Proctor (from the Story of Kappa Alpha Psi)

The Founders of Kappa Alpha Psi were clean living, God fearing men, who sought to organize a fraternity that would raise the sights of African-American men to a level which might not have otherwise been imagined or even recognized. Coming from diverse backgrounds, the Founders learned first hand of the struggles and plight of the black student in the midwest. The Founders met several times discussing the possibility of organizing a fraternity that would serve the needs of the black male. On January 5, 1911, such an organization was born and thus Kappa Alpha Psi (then Kappa Alpha Nu) became a reality.

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